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Typically, the integration of the module takes 2-3 days, depending on what online platform we are going to integrate.

The module is successfully integrated with one of the most popular online platforms currently in use. It's about Opencart, Prestashop, Wordpress + Woocomerce.

The other platforms are currently developing integration.

Of course, we also integrate with systems that are designed specifically for their owners, but in this case the integration process is different. Depending on the logic of the system we adapt the module. Of course, then the price is different.

The first two packages we offer are more for the workshops that service and repair cars. With START and STANDART plans, there is no way to integrate with an online store.

The other two BUSINESS and PRO plans allow integration with an online store. The BUSINESS plan is for integration with a ready-made online store you already have. In the PRO plan, we are preparing the online shop entirely by integrating the module.

The monthly subscription includes constant technical support with our operators as well as solving problems that arise during the operation of our services that you use.

In addition, this subscription also includes an automatic database update. This subscription is absolutely essential for all the services we offer because the module is designed in such a way that it is a client to the database that holds all the information about cars and auto parts.

Accordingly, it is on our servers, in order to easily update and service if needed. In this way, we are trying to save on your server spend, because the resources that are needed for it are enormous.